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Famous and Influential People Whom Kanye West Has Compared Himself To

Kanye West is pretty well known for his inflated sense of self importance and he isn't afraid to "borrow" the best characteristics of other people as his own.

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Crazy Plastic Surgeries Done By Celeb Wannabes

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The Sexiest Music Videos You’ll Never Forget Even If You Tried

In the 80’s, 2 Live Crew introduced us to butts. Then in the 90’s, it was all about Britney’s “innocent” pigtails. In ‘00s, women fawned over D’Angelo’s...

Film Scenes That Were Too Uncomfortable To Watch

Over the years, there have been scenes in movies so uncomfortable to watch that you had to look away. We don’t mean the awkward love scenes that come up when you’re...

Actors Who Transformed With Makeup For A Movie Role

Actors always have to have their makeup done for any role in a movie, but sometimes they have to play a character in a different race, different gender, different age,...